Press Statement is a pure enterprise which does not have or seek to have any political patronage either in the countries that it operates from or in Zimbabwe. business is an above board operation and does not have any government affiliation. There is no individual, employee or associate working on behalf of the who has been authorized to transact with the Government of Zimbabwe or any other government or governmental agency. Over the years the operations and activities of have been with Zimbabweans and friends of the Zimbabwean communities in the Diaspora and this focus has not been negated. Our purpose is to provide a trading platform for Zimbabwean business for the provision on foods, and food services for their friends and family members in Zimbabwe We have been operational since late 1999, solely for that purpose. Any other perceived view other than the one articulated above is both incorrect and misguided. Any organization(s) or individual(s) who purport or insinuate otherwise is being mischievous and vindictive for individual or personal gain and their efforts and actions should be regarded with the contempt it deserves. is legally registered and constituted under the laws of the United States for the purposes and objectives articulated in their by-laws and regulations; and strive to achieve nothing else but the stated objectives. Anyone who states otherwise is being malicious and irresponsible. Companies providing products and services on Sadza.comís trading platform should do so according to the guidelines contracted by, failure to do so results in immediate delisting of the products and services.

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